SMEs Go Digital : Remote Working

SMEs Go Digital

We understand that many workplaces are used to working from home, having gone virtual in these past few weeks. As businesses slowly resume back to normal, the Productivity Solutions Grant, PSG, aims to support SMEs in the adoption of pre-scoped IT solutions that will enhance productivity and help cope with remote working. As a pre-approved PSG grant vendor, JUST IT has a collaboration solution package to enable your businesses to stay productive and collaborative from anywhere and anytime and devices during these trying times.
Under the Tech-celerate for Law scheme, eligible Singapore Law Practice (SLP) gets up to 80% funded adopting the solutions on the first year subscription.
For other SMEs, we are offering 40% off the current Dropbox Business and HelloSign plans to allow businesses to ease into their digital transformation path. Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork-so you can focus on the things that matter.

  • Organize: Setting up a virtual office
  • Dropbox Spaces gives you a single source of truth where you can see all of your team’s content in one convenient view.
  • Everything in one place. The new Dropbox desktop app
  • Focus on the most important work.
  • Prepare for meetings more effectively. Our calendar integration on your desktop lets you
  • A faster way to sign. With the HelloSign integration you can sign and send documents right from Dropbox.

  • How Dropbox can support distributed work.
  • Sync: Saving all content in the cloud
  • Sync files across devices and platforms.
  • Get offline access on all your devices.
  • Upload photos and scan documents from your phone
  • Save space on your hard drive with Dropbox Smart Sync


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